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2nd Annual Knit & Crochet-a-thon

CommuKNITy Cares is deep in preparations for the start of our 2nd Annual Knit & Crochet-a-thon! Join us in supporting both the Salvation Army’s Partners in Mission fundraising campaign and a group in need from your local community! So what exactly is a Knit & Crochet-a-thon? The premise of the project is to gather a group together to knit and crochet 9” squares. While creating these squares, the participants will also collect pledges for their work. Donations can be made  ...

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A season for pruning

We have a mountain ash in our backyard that is bursting with berries this year!  Dozens of bright orange clusters heavily weigh down the limbs of our little tree.  The branches are literally drooping, almost touching the ground.  Last year the entire tree produced only one berry cluster so you  ...

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