CommuKNITy Cares Patterns

9″ Blanket Square Patterns – Knit

the lacy twist square

the woven rib square

the moss stitch square

the garter stitch square

the box stitch square

9″ Blanket Square Patterns – Crochet

Mittens – Chunky Weight Knitting Patterns

     Chunky Children’s Mittens

       Chunky Adult Mittens

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Blanket Square Patterns – Knit

Blanket Square Patterns – Crochet

Mittens – Double Knit Weight Knitting Patterns

        Simple Mittens

        Toddler Mittens on a String

Mittens – Double Knit Weight Crochet Patterns

         yin and yang mittens

         Little Crochet Mitts

Mittens – Worsted Weight Knitting Patterns

        The World’s Simplest Mittens

          Basic Children’s Mittens

               Stars or Stripes Mittens

           Stay-Put Baby Mitts

          Basic Baby Mittens

Mittens – Worsted Weight Crochet Patterns

          Mrs. Murdock’s Mittens

        Baby Mittens

Mittens – Chunky Weight Knitting Patterns

         Warmest Mittens

          Daniel’s Mittens

Mittens – Chunky Weight Crochet Patterns

        Two Tone Baby Mittens

         Morning Mittens