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I crochet… and I PRAY!

How do I pray?  I don’t know what to say .  Is there anyone out there that has felt the same hesitation towards their prayer time? My first introduction to prayer was the Lord’s Prayer. I’m thankful for my early school years where in our classrooms we began each day by singing “Oh Canada”,  followed by “God Save the Queen” and then in unison we recited the Lord’s Prayer. Little did I know that a foundation of beginning each day in prayer was set for  ...

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God’s Gift of Time

Hi I’m Allison. This is where I get to tell you a little bit about myself.  I married my best friend 14 years ago and I’m now a mom to two beautiful step-daughters and two lovable, yet mischievous, dachshunds.  I get overly excited about starting a new knitting project but have countless unfinished ones around my home!  Hosting a house full of friends and family brings me complete joy.  I love spending time in the country walking with my husband down quiet roads or fishing at the lake.  I  ...

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